Why Traditional Bengali Saree is So Demanding

Why Traditional Bengali Saree is So Demanding

It is always exciting to find an exclusively designed and brilliantly coloured Bengali saree and wearing such a saree can turn heads of many persons. Bengali saree has been a topic of discussion in any festivity, or on a formal occasion or even in an official party. Apart from Bengali traditional saree online, the Bengali sarees are also available in brilliant trendy designs that can make a woman look elegant. There are excellent varieties of Bengali sarees, and few such types of sarees are discussed here.

Korial Tussar silk:

Tussar or Tasar or Korial Tussar is a popular variety of Bengali saree, and this variety of saree is prevalent among the Bengali women. These sarees come with an excellent reputation of superb texture, and brilliant design, and are produced with natural colours. It is very high in demand, particularly during festive seasons while women go for Bengali saree shopping.

Dhakai Jamdani:

Another excellent variety of Bengali saree is Dhakai Jamdani saree which originated in Dhaka, the capital of present Bangladesh. These sarees are made from fine muslin and are incredibly lightweight, and it is exceptionally comfortable to wear such sarees. These sarees come in amazing designs and contain brilliant floral motifs intricately woven in the transparent muslin. It is one of the best Bengali traditional saree online and is widely chosen for important occasions.

Baluchari sarees:

One of the most famous varieties of Bengali sarees that can uniquely portray the traditions of India is the Balucahri saree. It originated in a small village named Baluchar in Murshidabad district, and the technique for making the saree has been passed to several generations of weavers and designers. In this type of saree, various mythological scenes are depicted and are woven intricately on the loose end.

Taant sarees:

One of the most famous varieties for Bengali saree shopping remains the Taant sarees, and most women in Bengal wear this saree. During summer and monsoons, this saree is widely chosen by women as it is very comfortable to wear in hot and humid condition.