Linen Sarees: Make you Gorgeous for Every Occasion

Linen Sarees: Make you Gorgeous for Every Occasion

Linen sarees is emerging as an alternative to the cotton and the silk sarees, and are making an emphatic statement. Now you can get lustrous linen sarees that can win the hearts of people and it is getting a permanent place in the hearts of women. Linen sarees are available in various options starting from plain linen sarees to jamdani, block and batik print, etc. and these sarees can be dyed easily.  There are valid reasons for the popularity of linen sarees online that you can find in the following paragraphs.

Wide range of thread counts:

Linen sarees can be spun in a wide range of counts, and the count can be very coarse to very fine. The finer the count, the softer will be the fabric, and the coarser the count, the heavier will be the fabric. The average count of the linen fabrics may vary from 60 to 120, and the thread count can be an indication of the texture of the saree.

Linen fabrics are very strong:

Linen has a very high degree of tensile strength that can be compared with cotton and can be three times stronger than wool. It is because the fibre is derived from the middle of the flax fibre plant and hence, the strength of the fibre is very high.  The high strength of the fibre makes it highly superior in quality compared to the other types of fibres.

Linen can be worn throughout the year:

Linen has excellent moisture absorption properties, and this makes it a very comfortable fabric to use in the summer time. It allows the natural flow of air, and it can reflect the heat more efficiently than other types of fabrics. When linen is used in combination with different types of fibre like cotton and silk in 30% to 40% ratio, beautiful effects can be produced. Moreover, you can get excellent linen sarees online that can be made wearable in winter time by making a heavy fabric.