Kantha Stitch Sarees - Few Tips to Choose the Right One for Festival

Kantha Stitch Sarees - Few Tips to Choose the Right One for Festival

When it comes to Indian traditional wear, you cannot miss out on the sarees. The sarees are great in their own way. It is a crucial reason why women love draping them around their body. There are multiple varieties of sarees that people can come across with. From the home of Bengal comes the Kantha stitch sarees.

The Kantha stitch sarees are hand embroidered sarees that have their unique specialty. There is no doubt in the fact that if you want to wear something unique yet simple and sophisticated at the same time, nothing beats the simplicity of the Kantha stitch sarees. Even if it is simple you can easily where them for different festivals.

There is a huge Kantha stitch saree collection that you can choose from.

How to choose Kantha sarees for festivals?

There is no doubt in the fact that in India there are festivals throughout the year. And if one wants to select from a range of Kantha sarees, they must do so which style and proper selection. Following are few things that they must look for:

  • The large and the pompous festivals:

Throughout the year we come across few festivals which are huge. These festivals call for pomp and show. It is one of the most important reasons why you must select from the Kantha sarees which are exclusively embroidered throughout. Going for simple colours will be adorned, but you must remember to select the stitches that should be explicit in nature.

  • The small and the homely festivals:

For the smaller and the only festivals you can select from a range of beautiful simple and less worked upon Kantha sarees. These sarees will help you through the small festivals with simplicity and yet a sense of fashion.

These are the best ways to select the Kantha sarees for different festivals that you get to celebrate. Of course selecting the hand-embroidered Kantha silk sarees in help you with the best look!