Buy Exclusive Kantha Stitch Sarees Online

Buy Exclusive Kantha Stitch Sarees Online

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Pure Kantha Stitch Saree Shopping with a Variety of Shantiniketan Kantha - Hand-Embroidered Kantha & Nakshi Kantha Stitch

Love to wear Bengali saree? Well, then you must have a look at the kantha stitch sarees. It is beautiful woven saree which is having the traditional kantha stitch pattern. Various designs are being made over the saree and a gorgeous look is given to it. The kantha stitch was a very popular type of stitch which was done over the quilts. At that time the stitch was called Nakshi kantha. They used to do it on their kantha, sari or other clothes. Even the same type of stitch is being done on the bed sheet or light blanket or cloth.

Know more about the kantha stitch saree

Now as the design is quite attractive and makes wonderful design over the saree, so gradual this saree got popular among the women. Nakshi kantha stitch saree is being done on various fabrics of sarees and looks best on any of these fabrics. Shantiniketan kantha stitch saree is the most demanding and expensive ones which are being woven by the weavers at Shantiniketan.  Most of the Shantiniketan sarees are the hand embroidered kantha silk saree comes in variety of colored threads giving a new design on the saree.  Embroidered kantha stitch sarees are the most expensive ones as each and every thread designs are being done by hands.

Kantha stitch saree over different fabric

The best one among all the kantha stitch saree is the pure silk kantha stitch saree which comes in bright colors. Different colors like blue, red, green and other bright colors silk sarees are being made special with a splendid thread designs. Different patterns or geometric pattern, floral designs or even scenarios are being made by the weavers. Colored threads are being used for the tasks which makes it more beautiful. Check out the best sarees over the online stores and choose the exclusive kantha stitch saree over the online platform.

Buy Kantha stitch saree online

To buy kantha stitch saree online, check out the traditional online stores for the best collection. Each fabric of the sarees is different and hence can be chosen according to your wish. Check out the details of the saree first the modern kantha stitch sarees are also done in industries which is crafted in modern ways. Check those out too as the industry made designs are a bit different than the hand woven ones.  Buying the kantha stitch saree from the online stores is much more accessible and affordable with high discounts. Buy it and get a rich cultured saree of Bengal.