Dhakai Jamdani Sarees Online

Dhakai Jamdani Sarees Online

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Buy Jamdani Saree Online

If you are looking for a royal Bengali saree option, no one will take the place of Jamdani saree. In the Mughal period, jamdani weavers were given the royal patronage for weaving the finest jamdani muslin.  At that time it was only being woven at Dhaka which is now located at Bangladesh. But in present time we can find different kinds of jamdani saree collection from Bangladesh as well as India, West Bengal.

History of jamdani saree

Jamdani has gone through lots of evolution. During the Mughal time the jamdani saree flourished and gone to its peak. Even during the British Empire the business was in top level. Even they were being exported to European countries and got a higher rate price too. The fabulous designs of the saree made it popular and skills of the weaver made them demanding.  But in the nineteenth century, suddenly the business of the jamdani saree got down.  This down market was revived in the twentieth century with the modern trendy looks of the jamdani saree.

Different types of jamdani sarees

Popular Dhakai jamdani saree are from the Dhakai weaver. Dhaka is a place in Bangladesh and exclusive jamdani saree can be presented from here.  The most popular ones are the soft Dhakai jamdani which is loved to be worn by Bengali women. They come in bright self colored who makes the look royal and exclusive. Besides the Dhakai jamdani, these kinds of saree are also been woven at other places too like in Tangail, Shantipur and Dhaniakhali too.

But the modern saree market has been brought lots of changes. The best jamdani saree comes in pure cotton fabric. The finer cottons are used for the saree weaving. But now the jamdani design is also woven in mixture of cotton and silk, pure silk etc.  These are the modern version of the jamdani sarees.

Expensive jamdani saree online shopping

As the jamdani are amongst the finest saree, hence the Dhakai jamdani saree price is the most expensive one. But now with the mixture of fabric, they are available in all price range making it affordable for everyone to buy.  Buy jamdani saree online and get high discounts on the sarees. Check out the various online stores for different variety of jamdani sarees and try out the new look of yours in jamdani. Obviously it will make your appearance change and gives you the royal feelings.  Jamdani are the all-time favorite of women which are now easily available over the online stores.